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Celene da Miranda - Wedding Officiant
  • What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on size, venue, distance, etc. Please email me for a quote.


  • What does your rate include?

The basic rate is comprised of:
- phone calls or FaceTime meetings to get to know you and discuss your vision of your ceremony
- the writing of your ceremony (with as much input as you'd like)
- a selection of vows from which you can choose and/or help customizing your own vows
- a resource list of local desert wedding locations, wedding professionals, wedding planning articles and reference books 
- travel to any High Desert wedding site (Low Desert cities $150 extra)
- arrival at wedding site one hour early to check in with all relevant wedding parties and wedding professionals
- performing the ceremony itself
- signing the marriage license and mailing it at the post office to get it legally recorded.
-(Witness signature service or wedding rehearsal the day of or days before, are available for additional fees.)


  • What if I want extra hours from you?

 I can simply charge you by the hour for any extra time.


  • What does a wedding officiant do?

A wedding officiant is a legal representative of the state who is authorized to conduct the wedding ceremony and submit the marriage license for proper recording with the county office.  The officiant is also the "host" of the ceremony, supporting the couple during one of their most emotionally-rich experiences as it plays out in front of a group of people.  An officiant may write a wedding ceremony and vows with or without the couple's input, or may use a traditional, prewritten standard ceremony.
A wedding officiant is responsible solely for the ceremony and the legal paperwork: wedding planning/coordinating, flowers, music, catering, food, etc. falls to other professionals in the wedding industry (or to very organized and generous friends and family.)


  • What is the "American Marriage Ministries"?

As stated by the AMM, "American Marriage Ministries is a non-profit, interfaith and non-denominational church, established in Washington State.  

We believe that choosing a life partner, and choosing someone to officially bless that union, is an inalienable right that belongs to all people. Your spiritual freedom is protected by the religious non-establishment clause of the 1st Amendment.

AMM and its ministers believe in The AMM Tenets, that marriage is a sacred bond, a religious rite to be cherished and respected by the people and the state. 

AMM is a non-denominational church, overseen by an interfaith board of directors. We believe in power to unite communities through the spiritual act of marriage."


  • Do you perform same sex weddings?


  • Do you allow pictures during the ceremony?

Of course! Anywhere and however you'd like.

  • How do we book you?

Once you've decided we're a good match, email me your decision and you'll receive a digital contract. Sign it and return it with a 50% deposit, and your date is reserved. 

  • When is my final payment due?

The 50% balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the wedding date. 

  • What payment forms do you accept?

PayPal, check, and cash are all fine.

  • How do we apply for a California marriage license?

Both of you must show in person at your local county recorder's office to buy the license (In San Bernardino it's $89 for a public license). Regardless of which county you buy your license in, it is valid anywhere in the state of CA.  The license is good for 90 days from date of purchase. If that time expires prior to the wedding, you must start all over. 


  • How is the marriage legally recorded?

The certificate of registry is mailed the next business day, by me, to the county recorder where your license was issued.  

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